new painting

‘iron mike’

” Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth “

I was happy to do this painting of “IRON MIKE” Tyson and add it to my knuckle tattoo series.  I remember when Tyson came into the boxing scene and shocked the world with knockout after knockout.  He was the heavy weight champion of the world and seemed to be unstoppable.  I also remember playing his video game and I could never get past the vanishing “Great Tiger” (I wasn’t very good).   Mike Tyson has definately made his mark on the world, weather it be boxing, video games, acting, (or his cameos in many popular movies), controversial behavior, his one man Broadway Show, and lastly one of my favorite his cartoon series “MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES”, which I felt was very under rated.  Well, he is not done yet, His newest venture is in the Medicinal Marijuana industry with Tyson Ranch.  He is a big advocate of medical marijuana and has developed a 40 acre ranch in California where he grows it.  Tyson Ranch offers many products from your basic flower to infused waters and ointments.  I had fun painting this piece and tried to incorporate some of Tyson’s many achievements.  I do have prints of this available.  They are a limited signed and numbered edition of 250 with a few hand painted one offs. 

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints available

larry david ‘love hate’

This is my Anti-Valentines Day painting.  I have never liked Valentines day and feel like it’s a corporate holiday that just guilts men into spending money.  It can also makes single people feel left out and lonely, when they should feel content and happy with just loving themselves.  I decided to paint this piece because I love Larry David and have always been a huge Seinfeld fan.  I feel like Larry David’s Character on Curb Your Enthusiasm would also dislike Valentines day.  I thought Larry David’s knuckle tattoos should say “LOVE HATE” in a traditional tattoo lettering.  This will be the sixth painting in my on going ‘knuckle tattoo’ series.  Signed numbered prints of this painting are available. They measure 18″ by 24″ and are a limited edition of only 250.  I will also be doing a few one of a kind hand painted one offs.

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints

new painting

‘the scream’

” Marv, why the hell did you take your shoes off? Harry, Why are you dressed like a chicken?”

My ‘THE SCREAM’ painting is finished!! This painting was fun to do. The concept was hilarious to me so I had to paint it. Not all of my ideas make it on to canvas, some dont get past the napkin sketch, or wherever I came up with it and scribbled it down. I really wanted to get it done by Christmas but finished it a few days after. It’s arguably the best scream in movie history and makes me laugh every time I see it.  By popular demand I have prints available.  They are a limited edition signed and numbered edition of 250.  

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints available



I have always been a big fan of BANKSY!  I think he is a genius and a marketing wizard!  He has single handedly changed the game of the art industry and the perception of street art AND made “graffiti art” a household name.  Even if you dont know art you still know Banksy.  He keeps the art world on it’s toes and gives artists like me the inspiration and motivation to create new thought provoking art. This is my homage to his iconic ‘GIRL WITH A BALLOON’ piece that was recently shredded at the Sotheby’s auction, which made world wide fame as the first art piece to ever be blah blah blah….. IT WAS JUST AWESOME!!!

The T.V. show the office is one of my favorites and when I think of paper shredding and paper products I think of Dunder Mifflin and Dwight Schrute.  This inspired me to do my newest painting that I titled “BANKSY DWIGHT WITH BEET” (UNSHREDDED) This limited edition signed and numbered print is available for $35.  It measures 11″ by 17″ and is printed on a thick acid free paper stock.

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints

new painting


My newest painting was inspired by the extremely talented and funny Justin Timberlake.  A while back I saw him on one of the late night shows talking about how he puts blueberries inside of raspberries and calls them Braspberry’s.  There was also an instagram video he posted of him creating the fruit that went viral with 30 million views.  With JT’s celebrity status the beverage company Bai caught wind of this and decided to make a “Braspberry” flavored drink.  The funny commercial only added more comedy to the whole fruit phenomenom.

The painting I created is how I think this magical fruit combo might grow in nature if it were real.  I pictured it growing like a cherry and depicted the berries hanging from their long stems. I always enjoyed Justin Timberlakes music, Ironically my car speakers were blown out in Mexico listening to “cry me a river” to loud!  Along with his music and dance moves he is super funny too, and charms us with hilarious skits on SNL and late night talk shows.  I feel like this painting was the perfect way to paint a funny, clever, and sexy painting of him with out it being a boring self portrait.  I even enjoy when I tell people it’s a painting of Justin Timberlake and they dont get it at all.    This painting was done with oil, acrylic, and spray paint on wood panel and measures 18″ by 24″.  This piece was fun to do and might be the beginning of a new series of other mashed up exotic fruit combinations.

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints available

Open Edition

Gangsta Jesus

The Gangsta Jesus Image was created back in 2006 while I was in College.  The original was hand carved and woodblock printed.  Because of the popularity of the image I made larger 18″ by 24″ poster prints.  Over the years Gangsta Jesus has become a kind of logo and is more and more recognizable. The fun, some what controversial, art has made its way into homes all over the world.  Grab yours today and be the cool kid on the block.

~ Jared

Open Edition Signed Prints

Memorial Day

Wings for Warriors

I created this painting because I have a lot of friends who have served and some that have unfortunately passed away while fighting for our country. I have mixed feelings about our governments policies and agenda, but I do support the ones who have selflessly chosen to fight and protect us. This painting was also inspired by my friend Anthony Ameen who is a wounded Iraq war veteran, and the founder of  “wings for warriors” which is a non profit campaign that collects money for vets who have been injured or disabled in war and helps with their medical and financial aid. This is a hand signed, numbered and embossed stamped print of the original painting. It will be shipped in a sturdy tube and I will also throw in some free stickers.

~ Jared

Limited Edition Signed Prints

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